The Pitt is Back


The Pitt, Bethesda’s latest expansion to Fallout 3, is back on Xbox Live and this time they’re pretty sure it works.

Microsoft pulled The Pitt from Xbox Live yesterday after a disastrous release left Xbox 360 owners unable to play the game. The Xbox Live version of the DLC was somehow “corrupted,” resulting in strange in-game anomalies, lockups, crashes and of course a torrent of angry forum posts.

The expansion has now been returned to the service and appears to be working properly this time around. Gamers who have already paid for the new content will be able to re-download it, although Major Nelson says a few steps will have to be taken to eliminate the original version first.

  • Sign in to Xbox LIVE then press the guide button
  • Go to Settings->System Settings->Memory.
  • From here, scroll down to Fallout 3 and press A.
  • Select Fallout 3: The Pitt (Marketplace Content) press A then choose Delete, then Yes to Delete.

One other noteworthy point: Do not delete anything that says “autosave.” “That would be bad,” Major Nelson says.

The new and improved Xbox Live release of the Fallout 3 expansion The Pitt is available here.

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