Cult film The Room has been adapted into a point-and-click adventure game that is surprisingly fun.

It seems like the latest way to celebrate bad movies is to create a videogame tribute. Earlier this summer, the widely-despised surgical horror film The Human Centipede was given a game adaptation that was kind of funny, but left me feeling a little icky when I played it. Now, The Room has received its own videogame send-up on Flash games site Newgrounds, and it’s actually pretty brilliant.

If you’re not familiar with The Room, it’s one of those films that falls under the “so terrible it’s amazing” heading. Tommy Wiseau – the man who wrote, starred, and produced the movie – intended it be a serious drama about a good man betrayed by his fiancée and best friend, but the movie has instead developed a rabid cult following based on its awfulness; midnight screenings with audience participation are now commonplace.

The tribute game was created by Newgrounds founder Tom Fulp and artist Jeff Bandelin; it’s a point-and-click adventure with 16-Bit graphics that tells the story of The Room from the perspective of Johnny, Wiseau’s character. It wisely sidesteps the numerous sex scenes in the movie by fading to black, though there’s still plenty of pixelated nudity to be seen (meaning this is definitely NSFW). It also pokes a lot of fun at the idiot plot of the movie and highlights just how bizarre the characters’ behavior is.

I first watched The Room when it appeared on Adult Swim. While I enjoyed its absurdity, I have to say that this game is immensely more fun than its source material (largely thanks to the tongue-in-cheek attitude). The game itself is a great point-and-click adventure on its own, but I highly recommend watching the movie first so you can get all the references and jokes.

Source: Newgrounds via Game Culture

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