The Smuggers game EON46 G-Devs PC co-op heists different time periods

The Smugglers is a co-op heist PC game where players and their friends can either join the law or run from it. Headed for launch in 2022, developer EON46 and publisher G-Devs say their title features familiar heist tropes, not unlike what we’ve seen in Grand Theft Auto, but with a few twists. It’s simple enough — smugglers smuggle goods while the law enforcers, another team, try to stop them. The Smugglers emphasizes strategy, with each team trying to predict the behavior of their opponents to win the game.

Maps are rooted in different time periods and put more than 150 weapons in players’ hands. The Smugglers also grants access to more than 100 vehicles, including classic cars, bicycles, boats, motorcycles, and more, with players able to utilize their preferred loadouts across “multiple game modes.” EON46 and G-Devs say the co-op elements are the crux of the experience, as any match’s outcome can be decided based on which players manage to work together.

The announcement trailer for The Smugglers is a moody tone-setter that has lots of high-speed gunfights and even a few criminal executions, but it’s still difficult to tell how exactly it’ll all play in motion. However, since it intends to launch this year, it probably won’t be long before The Smugglers reveals more of its gameplay.

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