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The Spirit of the Samurai Is a Stop-Motion Horror Metroidvania

The Spirit of the Samurai Trailer Reveals Stop-Motion Horror Metroidvania

The Spirit of the Samurai is a stop-motion horror Metroidvania that just got a Future Game Show trailer ahead of plans to release on PC and Atari VCS in 2024. This eye-catching sidescroller based on Japanese mythology comes from publisher Kwalee and developer Digital Mind Games. It sees players suit up as Takeshi, a samurai who must defend his village from an army of Oni in feudal Japan, but you’ll also be playing as two other heroes: a tiny spirit named Kodama and a warrior cat named Chisai.

The Spirit of the Samurai wows with its incredible stop-motion visuals, but its gameplay seems just as intriguing. Players can expect to utilize combo-centered combat as they fight their way to the Oni castle. Slain enemies grant experience that can be used to unlock the samurai’s potential on an action-adventure journey that features Metroidvania elements. The Oni use “dynamic enemy AI,” meaning every encounter promises a unique duel of wits and quick thinking. There’s also a combo editor that allows players to customize their experience, though the details of this mechanic haven’t been revealed yet.

The team behind The Spirit of the Samurai is using its stop-motion visuals to create some truly unsettling environments and horrific creatures, including “tengu, undead and the horrifying Jorogumo.” Watch today’s trailer for a better look at the adventure before it launches for PC and Atari VCS next year.

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