Star Wars: The High Republic third wave books The Fallen Star, Midnight Horizon, & Mission to Disaster & comic Eye of the Storm.

Star Wars: The High Republic was Disney’s first major effort to push its acquired franchise into mediums outside of film, and it’s gone off in a big way. The franchise’s novels, comics, and even children’s books have given creatives a whole new section (and time) of the universe to play in, one unbesmirched by Disney’s film efforts. Now, the third wave of Star Wars: The High Republic content has been announced and will continue the ongoing story of the Jedi in a time when they were at their strongest. This third wave will consist of three new novels, broken up much like the previous wave: one adult, one young adult, and one middle grade. Those three books will be accompanied by a two-issue comic.

Seasoned Star Wars author Claudia Gray is returning to the franchise again with The Fallen Star, the adult novel for the third wave of The High Republic. She’ll be joined by Daniel José Older writing Midnight Horizon, the young adult entry, and Justina Ireland writing Mission to Disaster, the middle-grade book. The two-issue comic, each entry 30 pages long, is written by Charles Soule and will be an original story about the Nihil villain Marchian Ro called Eye of the Storm.

It will be a while until we see any of these books as they’re not slated to begin dropping until January 2022, and there are still books and comics waiting to be published from the second phase of The High Republic as well. The series so far has been pretty well received by fans, especially those that are tired of the Skywalker saga in movies and TV. The High Republic takes place hundreds of years before any of that happened, allowing the authors to tell tales with lightsabers and the Force but not have to muddle into the continuity that’s been constructed around the TV shows.

Discussion of The High Republic past, present, and future may be viewed in the [email protected] panel below.

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