The Summer Games Return to Overwatch Next Week


This year’s version of the Overwatch Summer Games kicks off next Tuesday.

Last year, Blizzard introduced timed events to Overwatch with the aptly-named “Summer Games.” Running alongside the Summer Olympics, the event brought new skins and new game modes to Overwatch. This year, the Summer Games are returning, and they’re kicking off next week.

If you were playing during last year’s event, you probably remember Lucioball, the soccer-like game mode that pitted two teams full of Lucios against each other. That mode will be returning, and there have been some changes, like the removal of the ability to push the enemy goalie out of the way, and some changes to Lucio’s ultimate during those games. There is also a three-week season of competitive Lucioball kicking off alongside the event.

There will be new Summer Games skins this year, and last year’s skins will be available as well. All skins, both this year’s and last year’s, will be able to be unlocked by credits, with the older skins coming at a discounted price.

New Legendary skins will cost 3,000 credits, Epic skins will clock in at 750 credits, Rare skins at 250 credits, and Common skins 75 credits.

Last year’s skins will be sold at typical loot box rates, with Legendary skins costing 1,000 credits, Epics 250 credits, Rare skins cost 75 credits, and Common skins will run 25 credits.

If you’d rather hear this info than read it, you can watch Game Director Jeff Kaplan talk about the event in the video above. The 2017 Summer Games kick off next Tuesday, August 8, and run through Tuesday, August 29.

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