As I was riding along the road from Bree to Buckland, I noticed a campfire off to the right just as I was coming up on the Brandywine Bridge. Jumping off my horse, I ran over to the camp to see what was up. A man and a woman were trying to organize boxes it seemed. Introducing myself, the man responded “Ahoy there! I am Argirion, First Mate aboard the Gilminuial — or at least I was until we were beset by a great storm! The Gilminuial is a ship belonging to we Rangers that sails up and down the Baranduin providing much-needed supplies to the Wardens of Annúminas in the North.”

Continuing his story, he explained how the ship was damaged in a storm and asked if I could find the captain Aranhir. As I could tell was too busy trying to recover items from the water, I said “I would be glad to help out.” Quickly I set out along the river north looking for signs of the ship, when I started to come across Kegs of Cram, Waterlogged Crates. Knowing that the captain and first mate would need these, I started picking them up. They were all over the place. Good thing I could stack them easily. Once in awhile I came across a Waterlogged Locker. Inside the lockers, they had more than just a Bottle of Ale. You will have to search to find what goodies come up, but one example is a Deckhand’s Hat. Not a bad item, especially from a fun quest.



Anyway back to wandering up the river. While the banks of Evendim can get a bit scary for lower level characters, you can easily make it up to the captain without having your lvl 10 Hobbit cooked by a Salamander.

Coming up on the ship, I waved the captain down and informed him that Argirion was worried about him and the ship. Aranhir, asked me to return and let him know that he was fine and to deliver the items I had found along the way.

I was able to make it back in good time, picking up a few more items along the way. Argirion thanked me for returning the items and suggested I check with


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