The Thaumaturge is a story-driven RPG from The Witcher remake dev Fools Theory that offers a dark fantasy, early 20th century Warsaw.

The Thaumaturge is a story-driven RPG from The Witcher remake developer Fool’s Theory that aims to place players in a dark fantasy version of an early 20th century Warsaw. Overseen by Frostpunk developer 11 Bit Studios’ publishing arm, this bleak isometric fairy tale was announced today with plans to launch for PC. We don’t know when it will launch or if it will come to other platforms, but its first trailer does shine some light on an otherwise visually dark world. Check out its thick atmosphere in The Thaumaturge trailer below.

We don’t know when exactly The Thaumaturge will launch, but Fool’s Theory and 11 Bit did erect a Steam page that shares more details about how it reinvents Warsaw. In-between turn-based combat scenarios, players will be treated to an RPG world that sees them dealing with the consequences of every decision. You play as a Thaumaturge, a being with the power to see demons known as Salutors. How you use their psychic abilities to explore and take the upper hand is up to you.

The Thaumaturge offers a peek into a diverse Warsaw that is bustling with Russian soldiers, Jewish merchants, and Polish townspeople. Fool’s Theory’s 1905 Warsaw is at odds with itself and might bend reality a bit, but players can expect to come across a few currently unnamed historical figures along their journey. The Thaumaturge combines dark fantasy with historical accuracy, and you can read a bit more about how demons play a role in the story in the description below:

In this world, a force that cannot be ignored are Thaumaturges – individuals versed in taming spirit-like beings called Salutors, used for manipulation of the temperaments and affinities of other people and even ultimately in combat. The devil is in the detail – only Thaumaturges are fully aware of the Salutors’ nature and only they can perceive them in their true essence. Their capability to influence others significantly and demonstrably increases their ability to change the surrounding world – however, Thaumaturgy is a power that should be used with caution.

The Thaumaturge was only revealed today, so let’s hope to learn more about its gameplay, world, and release in the months ahead.

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