The Two-Minute Star Wars Trilogy – in LEGO


Stop what you’re doing right now – seriously, just stop – because you really need to see this video: It’s the entire Star Wars trilogy, from start to finish, told in two minutes – in LEGO.

You’ve no doubt heard of LEGO Star Wars and it’s apparently pretty cool, but I bet it’s not this cool. Because this is the actual Star Wars trilogy rendered in LEGO and compressed into a high-speed two minute video that’ll blow you away not just with its obvious awesomeness, but with the surprising amount of detail that’s been crammed into it. This is quite possibly the finest Star Wars synopsis I’ve ever run into.

It’s the small touches that really make it work: The hilarious sound effects, the rockin’ Star Wars music and the way the narrator refers to characters like “the hairy sidekick” and “the crazy old man” are the icing on the cake. Yesterday may have been Star Wars Day but in this case, “better late than never” definitely applies.

via: Gizmodo

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