The Videogame History Museum Needs Your Help


The Videogame History Museum is an ambitious new non-profit charity created by the guys behind the Classic Gaming Expo, and it needs your help to get off the ground.

The Classic Gaming Expo’s been entertaining folks for over a decade, and its founders are now taking the concept one step further with the Videogame History Museum. The Museum is designed to preserve the industry’s past; the bad news is that the venture hasn’t been fully funded yet, but the good news is that you can help solve that.

John Hardie, Sean Kelly, and Joe Santulli are the guys who established the Classic Gaming Expo, and they’re seeking $30,000 in startup cash to help finance additional fundraising ventures (as well as to help the show travel to various trade shows). While that’s a rather large amount of money, this is a pretty impressive-sounding project , based on what Sean Kelly says:

“The museum we envision promises to be all-inclusive, comprehensive and interactive. Unlike some of the other efforts in recent years which have a limited focus, our intention is to cover it all: every game made for every system, every piece of promotional material made for each game, every revision of every console with specific notes as to the differences, the design progression, and so on.”

On top of this, Joe Santulli explained that, “the videogame industry is double the size of the music industry and while there are several music ‘halls of fame’ and museums, there isn’t a single dedicated, all-inclusive videogame museum.”

Funds for the Videogame History Museum are being raised on Kickstarter. As of right now, the project has raised almost $11,000 and it still has 37 days to go. If you’re interested in helping out, you can kick in some cash here or you can read up some more on the project at its official website.

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