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The Walking Dead: Destinies Trailer Reveals Action Game That Lets Players Retell Season 1-4

The Walking Dead: Destinies Trailer Reveals Action Game That Lets Players Retell Season 1-4

Publisher GameMill Entertainment and developer Flu Games have announced The Walking Dead: Destinies (via IGN), a story-driven action-adventure game for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X | S that allows players to relive the first four seasons of the show while playing out certain “what if?” scenarios.  The adaptation’s first trailer sets up some of these alternate-dimension scenarios by showing off familiar moments where things could have gone differently. Specifically, we see Shane surviving his encounter with Rick at the end of season 2 and seemingly going on to be the new leader of the group. You can see the footage, which includes some quick cuts of action gameplay, in The Walking Dead: Destinies trailer below.

Player choice will drive The Walking Dead: Destinies, but it’s still promised to offer somewhat of a celebration of the AMC show it is based on. Although it doesn’t sound like the original cast has reprised their roles, the story will still feature characters from the series, including Shane, Michonne, Carol, Daryl, and Rick. Each friendly face comes with its own abilities to utilize as players manage resources and get a handle on weapons like bats, guns, katanas, and crossbows. GameMill says The Walking Dead: Destinies is expected to launch for $49.99.

The Walking Dead: Destinies introduces an interesting concept for fans of the AMC show, but the execution might leave a little bit to be desired. This first footage is pretty rough around the edges, with the animations being an unignorable sore spot. Voice acting for the characters is also a bit unnerving, but who knows? Maybe GameMill and Flu are making a truly special experience for Walking Dead fans. We’ll know more about the project as we get closer to its eventual release for PC and consoles.

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