The Walking Dead Infects Sony’s Vita Handheld

The Walking Dead screenshot

After a long wait, zombie fans can finally get their shambling corpse fix on the go courtesy Sony’s Vita.

The Walking Dead first debuted over a year ago, yet it remains one of the most beloved games of the modern era. Not due to shiny graphics or impressive physics modelling, but instead because it tells a dark, gripping story that elicits genuine emotions from players, ranging from fear to happiness to bleak depression. It’s an impressive feat for an adventure game, and now you’ve got one more opportunity to enjoy the title – this time in portable form.

Today marks the Vita release of The Walking Dead and this latest version of the title looks as good, if not better than its console and computer-based counterparts. According to the PR blast issued this morning, there are two ways to get your hands on the title: Downloading it on the PlayStation Network Store, or by purchasing a newly launched Vita bundled with the game. The bundle is more or less just a standard Vita with a voucher included which allows players to download all five episodes of The Walking Dead as well as the 400 Days DLC, but if the best adventure game in recent memory isn’t reason enough to buy Sony’s handheld, then I don’t know what is.

“But I already played The Walking Dead on my PlayStation 3! Why should I play the Vita game too?” you ask. Good question. Telltale, in its wisdom, has decided to differentiate the two versions of the game by offering a completely new set of trophies in the Vita iteration. Of course, if virtual acclaim isn’t your thing, you could always pick up The Walking Dead simply to have another opportunity to protect Clementine from the horrors of the undead apocalypse. If you haven’t played through the adventure as a sociopathic murderer, you haven’t really enjoyed the depths of the story.

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