The Week in Review: In this weeks’ edition, Kotick speaks out, DC gets a new set of publishers, Ubisoft outlines its draconic DRM, Molyneux talks co-op and a man is jailed unfairly.

Kotick Defends Himself Against His Bad Reputation


Bobby Kotick? He’s an agent of the devil, right? A creature from the Howling Void sent to destroy us, right? No, of course he isn’t, don’t be so silly. In fact Kotick is sad that he’s viewed as such a villain, saying that his glib, off-the-cuff remarks have earned him a reputation that he doesn’t deserve. Honestly, when you read Kotick’s comments, he does sound like a man whose feelings have been hurt. Unless, of course, that’s what he wants us to think… (link)

So I Herd U Liek Watchmen?


The new DC Comics publisher has been announced, and as befits the company that brought us the Justice League, it’s a publishing super team made up of industry powerhouses, including one Dan DiDio, a long time proponent of releasing more Watchmen material. The ending of the original Watchmen makes releasing a sequel tricky, but expect to see lots of prequel material in the not too distant future. (link)

Ubisoft is Watching


Ever had problems with your internet connection? You have? Then you might want to avoid Ubisoft games on the PC, because you need to be hooked up to the internet at all times in order to play. No net connection, no game, it’s that simple. “We think most people are going to be fine with it,” Ubisoft’s Brent Wilkinson said. “Most people are always connected to an Internet connection.” The key word there is “most”, and even if that is the case, it’s still unacceptable. (double link)

Fable 3 Co-op Does Not Require Cooperation


Like its predecessor, Fable 3 will have a co-op mode, but unlike Fable 2, it won’t actually require you to adventure with your co-op partner. Instead you can go off and do, well, pretty much whatever you want, whether that’s helping old ladies across the street and fighting bandits, or selling people into slavery and marrying off your friends to random harlots without their knowledge. Choose you co-op partner wisely… (link)

Man Jailed for Hentai Collection


Christopher Handley, an Iowan comic-book collector, has been jailed for six months for possessing and mailing Japanese porn comic books that depicted child sex and bestiality. The sentence was the result of a plea bargain offered to him by the prosecution which he accepted based on the advice of his lawyer. It’s worth mentioning that the man did not have any actual child pornography, and while drawings of child sex are likely to offend just about everyone, they are not the same thing. (link)

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