This week we learn that pee can power space travel, space nookie is a fruitless activity and old men act like old men.


Urine Could Possibly Power Space Travel

An idea from the twentieth century takes root in the twenty-first. The Dutch have taken the idea of pee powered flight and are working to make it a reality. Now all the USA needs is a space program to possibly use this technology. (Link)


War Reporters Could Now Be Trained By A Game

I really like the idea of playing a game not focused on killing but at what point are we going to truly flesh out the basic premise. With so many shooters coming out with the same with the same setting when is this going to get old? (Link)


Microgravity Makes Interstellar Travel Impossible

Looks like there won’t be any space babies. But if we learned anything from 2001: A Space Odyssey it’s that you need a monolith for space reproduction. (Link)


Steve Jobs Goes To The Great OS In The Sky

The Pixar co-founder finally gave into pacreatic cancer after fighting for seven years. He helped to create the world that we now know today. So many mock turtlenecks are going to remain unsold, it’s a sad day for the textile industry. (Link)


Grumpy Old Men Are Grumpy Old Men

Political talking head William Bennett sets his Moral Compass on gaming. It sounds like he just needs to play some Call of Duty online to show him how it has empowered some young men. I don’t know if this empowerment is good but they’re empowered nonetheless. (Link)

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