In this week’s edition, Catherine’s sexy art makes extra work for Atlus, while the My Little Pony characters settle their differences with fists … err, hooves.


EVE Online Adds Super-Expensive Digital Shirts

Players of space MMO EVE Online are up in arms about the addition of virtual clothing to the game. However, it’s not the clothing that’s the problem, but rather the exorbitant prices that are being charged for it. Virtual shirts, which only the player can see, are currently priced at around $25, and eyeglasses are going for $70! What’s more, it’s thought that CCP plans to extend the micro-transcation model to include non-cosmetic items like ships. (Link)


Australian ISPs Get Ready to Switch on Net Filter

Even though a government-sanctioned internet filter is having trouble finfing approval in Australia, that hasn’t stopped four of the countries ISPs from coming together and deciding what the country’s citizens should be able to see on the internet. While the move is ostensibly to prevent the spread of child pornography, there are doubts about whether it will be in any way effective, as well as arguments about this being the top of a slippery slope. (Link)


Minecraft Update Makes Spelunking More Dramatic

As part of the upcoming “Adventure Update,” Minecraft maestro Magnus “Notch” Persson is adding underground ravines for the player to discover and explore. This could mean that the update – which Notch is apparently having great trouble not telling everyone about before its release – will make exploration in Minecraft much more exciting. Hit the link for an image of the new feature. (Link)


Magical Ponies Throw Down in MLP Fighter

Forget Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, the real kings of fighters are clearly the characters from My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic. Unfortunately, the videogame world has not yet realized this simple fact, so it falls upon the fans to create their own pony pugilism. My Little Pony: Fighting is Magic is in the “pre-alpha” stage, and should eventually have 17 playable characters. Hit the link for a video. (Link)


Risqué Catherine Art Caused More Work for Atlus

Atus’ Jeremy Cail says that the artwork for the upcoming erotic thriller/puzzle game Catherine proved to be a little too racy for some in the Western market. He described how Atlus had been forced to balance what the original developers and artist intended for the art, with the demands of Western retailers and other organizations. Hit the link for the full story. (Link)

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