In this week’s edition, Nintendo turns down Justin Bieber, and Sony’s hacking lawsuit encounters a geographical problem.


Kojima Uncovers Metal Gear Closet

While clearing up his office, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima discovered notes from nearly a quarter of a century ago, relating to the very first Metal Gear game. Among the treasures that Kojima found are annotated, hand drawn maps, logo designs and game proposals. Best of all, he took photographs of everything and stuck the lot on Twitter for us all to see. Hit the link for a gallery. (Link)


Nintendo Passes on Justin Bieber Movie

Nintendo has denied a request to allow a fifteen second snippet of the Super Mario theme to be used in the upcoming Justin Bieber movie, Never Say Never. Director Jon M. Chu expressed his dismay on Twitter, and tried to get Nintendo to change its mind via the ever-so-effective art of the guilt trip. Nintendo has not publicly stated why it refused to allow the use of the music, although our own Andy Chalk posits that the company hates Bieber with a passion. (Link)


Black Ops Fan Takes Server Comment as Threat

A simple comment from an Activision customer service representative became something much bigger, thanks to what the publisher called a “misunderstanding.” Blogger Jason Koblovsky was complaining about the issues he was having with the PS3 version of Black Ops, as well as accusing Activision of breaking Canadian trade laws. In reply to his comments about Activision’s illegal actions, the rep made a comment about shutting the servers down, which Koblovsky interpreted as an attempt to strong arm him into silence. (Link)


Starbucks To Cater To Self Destructive Coffee Lovers

How much do you like coffee? Do you like it enough that you want to drink more than your stomach can hold in a single sitting? If the answer is yes, then Starbucks’ new Trenta sized cup, which holds 31 ounces, or 916ml, of fluid – 16ml more than the average stomach capacity – could be right up your street. Unfortunately, you’ll only be able to get cold drinks in the new size, and not the veritable bucket of hot coffee you might have been hoping for. (Link)


Sony Hacking Lawsuit Trips Up On Geography

Sony’s efforts to sue PS3 hacker George Hotz have hit a pretty large snag, as judges can’t decide whether the trial should take place in California, like Sony wants. Ordinarily, the trial would have to be held in New Jersey, where the hacking actually took place, but Sony asserts that Hotz’s use of California-based companies like YouTube and Twitter to publicize the hack make him eligible for trial in the Golden State. The judge did not seem impressed by Sony’s reasoning, but has yet to make a decision. (Link)

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