In this week’s edition, Pony science gets a dressing down, and maps finally make their entrance in Minecraft.


BioWare Teases New Dragon Age Content

Dragon Age 2 lead developer Mike Laidlaw seems to have trouble identify certain mythical creatures. Assuming of course, his questions about griffins on three new pieces of Dragon Age art is genuine. Laidlaw implied that these pictures were from some DA2 DLC, but we do know that Dragon age 3 is also in the works. Hit the link for the gallery. (Link)


Fallout Fan Makes Stunning Pip Boy Replica

If you want to survive in a post-apocalyptic wasteland, you’re going to need to be properly equipped, and that’s where the Pip Boy 3000 comes in. New ones are a little hard to come by, but Fallout fan “Chanced” has constructed a working substitute out of paper, card, and an iPhone 4. Best of all, it even looks like the real thing. Hit the link for a gallery. (Link)


Pony Science Revealed as Faulty

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic may be a charming show, but from a science point of view, it’s a travesty. It only takes a high school understanding of physics to understand just how messed up the show is, which is exactly what “Stephen Magnet” used in his recent presentation. He debunked several scenes, including the Sonic Rainboom, and Fluttershy’s butterfly rescue. Hit the link for the video. (Link)


Notch Injects Humor Into Minecraft Maps

The latest patch for the open-world Lego simulator Minecraft finally adds maps, so that you can actually remember where things are as you explore the world. It seems a rather humble addition, but Minecraft creator Notch decided to make more of an event out of it, and created an epic trailer for the new feature. Hit the link to watch the video. (Link)


Dead Island Gets Gameplay Trailer

Techland and Deep Silver have given gamers a rather in depth look at the zombie-tastic Dead Island in a brand new gameplay trailer. The video is more than ten minutes long, and introduces different areas in the game, different types of zombies, and snippets of the game’s weapon crafting system. Hit the link to watch it for yourself. (Link)

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