In this week’s edition, a Japanese girl becomes a cyborg assassin – kind of – and pirates fall into an ingenious trap.


Writers Blame Bad Timing For Sorry State of Transformers 2

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen was not a great movie. In fact, a lot of people- including people who were in it – think it’s a pretty terrible movie, and its writers say the reason for that is bad timing. Work on the script was delayed by th WGA writers’ strike, and because director Michael Bay couldn’t – or at least, wouldn’t – wait, they script never got the refinements it sorry needed. (Link)


Japanese Girl Becomes Cyborg Assassin

Ok, so Omi Gibson didn’t really become a cyborg assassin, but she’s done an incredibly good job of dressing up like one. Gibson recreated the Gray Fox costume from Metal Gear Solid, including the full face mask. She accessorized with a ninja sword, and had a whole host of pictures taken. The costume is a near perfect recreation of what you’ll see in the game, and the photos are pretty stunning too. Hit the link for a gallery. (Link)


Garry’s Mod Builds Pirate Trap

Garry Newman, the eponymous creator of Garry’s Mod, decided to tackle piracy in an interesting way: by laying a trap for the pirates. He inserted a bug into the game that only affected pirated versions, and then casually ask on Twitter if anyone was having any problems. When the pirates reported the bug, Newman sprung the trap, which not only shut down their copies of Garry’s Mod, but also earned them a ban from the Steam forums. (Link)


GeoHot Takes About Life After Sony

Hacker and jailbreaker George Hotz has been talking about his plans following the out-of-court settlement between him and Sony. Unfortunately, the terms of the settlement include confidentiality, so he can’t go into too much detail, but he assured people that he was still “fighting the good fight” and that none of the money that people had donated for his defense would end up in his pocket. (Link)


Portal 2 ARG Gets All Artistic

The Alternate Reality Game that Valve has set up to promote the imminent launch of Portal 2 has yielded a bountiful harvest of what would appear to be concept art. Everything from the game’s box art, to the design of the robots, to the way that lead character Chell would look is there. Not only is it rather nice art – as you might expect – but it’s interesting to see some of the ideas that didn’t get used. Hit the link for galleries. (Link)

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