Bringing you the glorious bounty of the internet. This week, Spirograph business cards, Team Fortress mobiles, and a paper Wolverine.


Do you know what’s awesome that you don’t see enough of anymore, and while we’re on the subject, do you know what’s unrelentingly boring, but turns up everywhere? Spirograph and business cards respectively. But what if someone created a Spirograph Business Card, would that be awesome, awful, or some sort of weird neutral amalgam? Science was suspisciously quiet on the matter for many years, but now that age old question can finally be answered. The results came back from the lab and we can officially announce that Spirograph business cards are awesome, and may cure a disease of some kind. We were too busy doing cool patterns to notice. (Source: AdaFruits via Boing Boing)


While we’re talking about office stuff, do you remember Ravage, the robotic panther Decepticon that transformed into a tape and lived inside Soundwave? If the answer is yes and you’re now wondering what he has to do with an office, you’ll be please to know that they’ve updated the storage medium to something a little more modern than iron oxide and magnets. This charming little USB pen drive is going on sale in September, and while it’s pretty expensive – just short of $43 for a 2Gb drive – can you really resist it? I’m not sure I can… (Source: Nerd Approved)


Still sticking with the office theme, abusing the work printer while the boss is out is one of the few advantages of working in an office (The opportunity to get Spirograph business cards is another). Eventually though, you’ll grow weary of printing out amusing pictures of cats and Dilbert cartoons for your cubicle and you’ll find yourself at an impasse. Well don’t worry, I have just the thing; your very own papercraft Wolverine. There’s no gluing or sticking required as it’s all held together with tabs – which is very handy if your stationery cupboard is guarded by an ogre – and you can get either classic yellow and blue Wolverine, or the variant maroon and gold, depending on your personal preference. If you want to feel especially naughty, print him out on the company letterhead. (Source: Cubee Craft)


OK, so you’ve got your Ravage, your paper Wolverine and a desk full of intricate geometric patterns, what next? Well, the answer my friend, is Lucha Libre! Not only that, but Star Wars themed Lucha Libre. All you need to do is choose a mask, print it out, cut round the dotted line – you might want to ask a parent or guardian to help you with this part – then put it on and kick ass! Get a few friends together and you can find out whether Boba Fett is tougher than General Greivous, or which Darth is the best, Maul or Vader. (Source: The official Stars Wars website – bizarrely)


And finally something for those of you with young children. Imagine the scene, you’re spending some quality time for your spawn, you hand him (or her) the controller and he (or she) throws it down on the floor and goes back to that book that his (or her) mother (or father) bought. This is clearly unacceptable, but what can you do? For many years the answer was ‘nothing’, and you just had to resign yourself to your child being an (shudder) reader. But now the Team Fortress 2 mobile comes to the rescue, and we’re not talking cell phones. This laser cut metal mobile has amazingly detailed models of some of the TF2 characters and is apparently light weight enough to move in a light breeze. If that doesn’t work, nothing will. (Source: Offworld)

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