According to Assassin’s Creed II director Benoit Lambert, protagonist Ezio is a bit of a “womanizer,” and will be putting the “Ass” in “Assassin.”

The folks at VG247 recently had the chance to submit questions from their community to Ubisoft’s Benoit Lambert, director of the upcoming Assassin’s Creed II. When asked if there would be sex in the game, Lambert replied, “Ezio is a womanizer. There’s a bit of sex. I can’t say more.”

Other interesting answers: Ezio won’t be able to dismember opponents, but there will still be some “nice fatalities,” like “chopping up tippy-toes and stuff.” Unlike his ancestor Altair, Ezio can swim, but that will largely be relegated to hiding from pursuers – the game won’t have any in-water combat other than the ability to rock people off of boats.

Similarly, though Ezio has a flying machine, there won’t be any aerial combat, either. “You’ll be able to use it to kick people in the face while you’re flying. That’s it.”

Excessive repetition was one of the things in Assassin’s Creed that a lot of people complained about, and we’ve seen that the AC2 developers have taken great pains to avoid it in this game. In fact, out of approximately 150 missions in AC2, Lambert can only think of one that is a repeat: “We really tried to make sure it does not repeat. I can’t answer the question, ‘Does is[sic] repeat?’ I see one mission that’s similar mid-game and end-game, but in general, we really tried to make sure it’s different.”

Finally, it looks like Ezio will be much more customizable by the player than Altair had been: Not only does he have 20 types of armor (I’m assuming this might also mean visual accessories, like shoulder padding or whatever), 30 different weapons, and “gadgets like smokebombs and poison and stuff,” but the player will be able to dye his outfit with 14 different colors spread across the cities.

Does this mean that we’ll be able to play as a bright pink assassin? Boy, I sure hope so.

Check out the full list of questions and answers at VG247.

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