There’s a Robot Playing Threes! on Twitch, and it’s Better than You and Me


Score is at 68,169, and counting…

Rocking an iPhone or Android smartphone? Chances are you’re already playing Threes!, one of the hottest puzzle games in the mobile space right now. It’s also been at the heart of recent mobile game cloning/ripping controversy, as similar titles like 2048 have popped up after its release.

I often spend my nights dreaming of how great life would be if I wasn’t terrible at Threes! — my score usually peters out in the low 3,000 range — but now I can watch some…thing, do better in Threes! than I could ever hope.

A robot is playing Threes! on Twitch right now, and it completed a 71,000-point game a few minutes ago. Earlier this morning it completed a 200,000-point-plus game (screenshot unavailable), and another game is already underway. 1,600 or so people are watching the stream while at work right now, and that number is sure to grow over the weekend (assuming the stream keeps going).

Walt Destler and Matthew Wegner are behind the robo-magic, and they’re also working on a new multi-platform strategy game, Aztez, which will be making an appearance at the PAX East Indie Megabooth.

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