Right on schedule, four Thief 4 concept storyboards have leaked out of Eidos.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution is done and out the door, and that means it’s time to turn the focus to another dearly loved but sorely neglected franchise: Thief. As you should know by now, Eidos Montreal is turning its talents toward the classic Looking Glass stealth franchise and while we don’t know anything about what they have planned for the new game, at least we now know… well, still pretty much nothing, actually.

But we’ve got some storyboard concepts to look at! Four of them, in fact, courtesy of a blog allegedly belonging to Marlon Deane. Said blog is no longer with us but the good folks at TTLG were able to save the images before the plug was pulled. And who is Marlon Deane? According to LinkedIn, he’s a senior storyboard artist with Goldtooth Creative, the company that created the award-winning CGI trailers for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.

The storyboards may be legit, in other words, but they still don’t tell us much. A thief sneaks around a dark, rain-soaked neo-Victorian manse while the clueless residents go about their business – that’s the whole Thief series in a nutshell. Unless Eidos is planning a major departure for the new game, I think we can expect more of the same in Thief 4. I certainly hope so, anyway.

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