This Custom Xbox One Turns The Console Into a Laptop


The Xbook One laptop makes the Xbox One a little more portable, and can be purchased online.

We’ve got all kinds of gaming platforms to choose from these days, but sometimes that’s not enough. Sometimes you want to put your Android games on a big screen TV, or take your Steam library on the road with you. And when you don’t have an option to do that, well, usually there are third-party modders who can provide it for you. Case in point: The Xbook One is a laptop featuring a built-in Xbox One, for when you want to conveniently pack up your console and take it wherever you’d like.

The Xbook One was built by Ed Zarick, a self-taught engineer who previously built laptops for the Xbox and Xbox 360. Now he’s turning his attention to the latest generation, packing the Xbox One into a plastic laptop case with a 1080p 22″ LED screen. Even better, the Xbox One system is unmodified, so it still has full access to online services like Xbox Live.

Zarick details the development process in his blog, specifically his use of 3D printed parts and what he updated from the Xbook 360, but there’s a few points to note. First the drawbacks: the Xbook One doesn’t include a battery (Zarick claims the console would drain it far too quickly) so you’re still relying on power cords. Also, the unit is still just an Xbox One; there’s no built-in keyboard or option to install another OS. Finally, the Xbook One costs $1496 with the Kinect, and $1095 without (adding an HDMI output is an extra $50).

On the plus side, the Xbook One seems to work effectively as a semi-portable 500GB console. It fully supports wireless Xbox controllers, and the built-in screen and speakers mean you don’t need anything extra to start playing. If that appeals to you, and the price isn’t a deterrent, you can purchase one directly from Zarick using a Paypal link near the bottom of this page.

Source:, via Eurogamer

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