If you’ve ever wanted to explore Fallout: New Vegas with friends, this in-progress multiplayer mod could make it happen.

Four years ago, a Fallout MMO seemed like a real possibility until legal disputes ruled it out. But 2016 might bring us the next best thing: a Fallout: New Vegas multiplayer mod. Created by a third-party fan team, this project is exactly what it sounds like – an attempt to translate New Vegas‘ levels and systems into an online game where you complete quests with other players.

How does one go about making Fallout: New Vegas an online game? First of all, the VATS system has to be pulled entirely to avoid pausing the game every time someone targets an enemy. You can still enter your inventory at any time, but doing so makes you invulnerable so you don’t have to worry about taking damage. Finally, only the core New Vegas game can support multiplayer, although the DLC might be added on a later date. Other than that, New Vegas: Multiplayer promises to be a similar game, outside of encountering new players on your server.

New Vegas – Multiplayer even found a solution for synchronizing quests, albeit an awkward one. In short, quests are handled clientside, while NPCs and entities synchronize with players. So if you’re looking for a quest-giving NPC, but a nearby player killed them earlier, that quest would sync with your mission log as a failure. It certainly sounds like a duct-tape approach to settling the matter, but it at least gets the job done.

New Vegas: Multiplayer is running gameplay tests in two weeks, and the team is seeking players who can put the mod through its paces. Anyone can apply for the test from the mod’s website, although you shouldn’t expect a smooth gameplay experience just yet. Still, once this mod is finished it could be a great way to re-experience the game with friends. I, for one, will be keeping a close eye on it.

Source: Reddit, via Eurogamer

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