This Left 4 Dead Fan Film Has Everything You Want


Witches and Hunters and Smokers – oh my!

The Left 4 Dead games are incredibly entertaining as games in their own right, but when you think about it, they’d also probably make great movies. You have a small core cast of entertaining and diverse characters, you have a city filled with mindless, ravenous Infected, and you have a very simple goal: Get the hell out of Dodge. Sure, it’d probably be a lower-budget action flick more than anything else, but you could definitely make a movie adaptation pretty easily.

Amateur filmmaker Brett Driver decided to do precisely that, with a trailer for his Left 4 Dead fan film (seen here) posted to YouTube. The acting isn’t the most impressive in the world, but what is impressive is the quality of the makeup and costumes: The characters all look like their in-game counterparts, and that Smoker looks downright disturbing.

There’s no word on whether or not Driver plans to actually release a longer film or if this “trailer” is the whole shebang. I’d love a full short film myself, but if this is all the L4D action we get then I’m perfectly fine with that, too.

(Via G4TV)

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