THQ Acquires Universomo


THQ announced today that it has acquired Finland-based mobile game development studio Universomo Ltd.

Universomo has been working with leading publishers since 2002, creating mobile games based on many of the biggest brands in the wireless space. Recent projects include Rollercoaster Rush, 300: The Mobile Game and Lego Star Wars I and II. Universomo’s proprietary game development environment and automated porting solution supports all major mobile platforms, including Brew, CDMA, GSM, Java and others. The first THQ Wireless titles to be released following the acquisition are WWE and Stuntman: Ignition.

Kelly Flock, Executive Vice President of Worldwide Publishing for THQ, said, “The combination of Universomo’s award-winning creative development skills and their proven porting solution will enable new technology efficiencies for THQ Wireless, giving us the scalability to focus on building both our cornerstone brands and new, owned properties across Europe, Asia, and North America.”

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