Ticket to Ride Getting Deluxe 10th Anniversary Edition

ticket to ride 10th anniversary box

Train game Ticket to Ride, one of the most successful casual board games in recent memory, is getting a beautiful deluxe release.

In terrible news for the budgets of board gamers across the world, Ticket To Ride is getting an updated release for its 10th Anniversary. Featuring new visuals, a larger board, unique train designs, and including the USA 1910 expansion in the base box, the release will be the definitive edition of the game. Indeed, if you’ve been playing without the additional route cards from USA 1910, I pity you. The final, lovely, deluxe release will retail for $100 in the US and €80 in Europe.

The new art on the map evokes the turn of the century feel, while remaining interesting and distinct from the stylistic and minimal orignal Ticket to Ride board. The plastic trains give unique sculpts to each of the colors in the game, and include a pretty tin to keep them in. Superb if you, like me, have an organization fetish and don’t particularly care for tiny plastic bags. It’s good to see a company updating a game with not only new art, but beautiful new pieces, instead of simply retreading old ground and reusing old assets – but we shouldn’t be surprised from the auteur Days of Wonder, who give us but a single game a year.

The new edition will release in June of 2014 in the United States, with an early May release reserved for Europe.

Source: Days of Wonder

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