Tilted Towers in Fortnite.

Tilted Towers, Other Classic POIs to Return to Fortnite in New Mode

School is finally out, and Epic Games is ready to deliver something huge in time for the break. A new mode is coming to Fortnite that will feature the return of several classic POIs, including the iconic Tilted Towers.

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Announced via the game’s official X account, Fortnite is teasing a new mode called Fortnite: Reload with a new map. However, not everything is new, as the POIs featured in the announcement are all from the OG map. Check out the video below:

While details about the mode are scarce, a follow-up post mentions that Reload is “A place of high energy!! And forgiveness.” That could mean a lot of things, but the words “Reload” and “forgiveness” point to the mode having some sort of respawn feature. Of course, in Battle Royale and Zero Build, when players die, they drop Reboot Cards, and it’s up to the other players in the squad to bring them back. Reload may be looking to switch things up, possibly being a more intense version of Team Rumble.

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Regardless of how the mode plays, though, the biggest draw will be the return of Tilted Towers and the other POIs, which have been out of the game since the end of Fortnite OG in late 2023. It’s unclear if Reload is a permanent replacement for OG, but that seems unlikely since recent leaks point to the original map returning later this year.

Fortnite: Reload will go live on Saturday, June 22, 2024. It’s part of a major update that also includes the Pirates of the Caribbean collab, as well as the start of the summer event.

Fortnite is available to play now on various platforms, including the Meta Quest 2 and 3.

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