Tim Langdell Loses IGDA Membership


The International Game Developers Association has terminated the membership of Edge Games boss Tim Langdell.

The hits just keep coming for Tim Langdell, the Edge Games CEO and erstwhile boogeyman of the videogame industry who, until recently, claimed domain over all things “edge.” Less than a week after suffering a devastating courtroom loss to Electronic Arts that ultimately resulted in the cancellation of several of his trademarks, Langdell’s membership in the International Game Developers Association has been revoked.

A notification posted on the IGDA blog said, “The Board of Directors today voted to remove Tim Langdell from IGDA membership pursuant to our bylaws Article III. Section 6 (b) which states that any member may be removed from membership if the member has demonstrated a lack of integrity or unethical behavior, as determined by the Board of Directors.”

Langdell was previously a member of the IGDA Board of Directors but resigned in August 2009 at the height of the conflict over his heavy-handed protection of various “edge” trademarks. Several IGDA members had called for his removal from the board, and a special meeting had been scheduled to discuss the matter but his resignation came before it could take place. Langdell said at the time that he was confident a vote at the meeting would go his way but was stepping down in order to save the IGDA from further bad press and a continuing drain on its resources at the hands of a “vocal minority.”

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