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THQ Nordic is denying the existence of a TimeSplitters 2 remake, despite a recent tease that seemed to suggest otherwise. The company caught the attention of TimeSplitters fans over the weekend when an in-game vendor in the THQ-published SpellForce 3: Fallen God started offering an item called “TimeSplitters 2 Remake.” Eurogamer spoke with the company to clear up the rumor, and unfortunately, it seems to have all been a joke.

“This is just an innocent Easter egg,” a THQ Nordic spokesperson said when speaking to the site. “The vendor in the game is a character known especially for not telling the truth.”

YouTube user Beyond captured footage of the Easter egg, which you can see below.

Eurogamer notes that this same SpellForce 3: Fallen God vendor offers other similar silly items, such as “canceled” Biomutant and Gothic games. However, neither Biomutant nor Gothic has been officially canceled. On the bright side, THQ Nordic isn’t outright denying that a TimeSplitters 2 remake could come eventually either, but don’t get your hopes up that we’ll see such a thing any time soon.

As for what’s next for the franchise, last year, THQ Nordic announced that original co-director Steve Ellis had signed on to help decide where to take the series. So far, we’ve not heard about how far along the next project is. However, we did get an update on TimeSplitters Rewind early this year.


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