TimeWatch RPG Blasts Through Kickstarter Goals En Route To Time Machine


It’s not even been 24 hours and already GUMSHOE’s latest has made much more than its nut.

OK, some Kickstarter projects go well, and some go insanely well, but you have to hand it to TimeWatch, the investigative time travel tabletop RPG. It launched just 24 hours ago with one humble goal: $4,000. Where is it now? It’s 577% funded, that’s where it is now. At time of writing it’s sitting at a little over $23,000 bucks, and has already made most of its stretch goals.

Bet the team’s hoping it doesn’t make its final stretch goal. Theoretically if it reaches $1 billion, publisher Pelgrane Press promises to invent an actual time machine. “Once invented, we’ll give chronal tours to all pledgers at the $25 level and up,” says Pelgrane. “Pet dinosaur thrown in for free. We’re awesome like that.” Yep, awesome’s one word for it, but right about now someone out there’s beginning to wonder. ‘Could we? Nooo, it’s a silly idea. But could we?’

GUMSHOE, for those not familiar with the series, is an investigative, player-facing story-focused RPG system, known best for Trail of Cthulhu and vampire espionage setting Night’s Black Agents. TimeWatch takes that idea to anywhen, with alternate histories, aliens, parallel universes, psychic dinosaurs, and other time-bending good things.

Speaking as a confirmed Pelgrane nut and Trail of Cthulhu fan, bonne chance author Kevin Kulp, and all the Pelgrane team! Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s a Kickstarter I want to donate to. That pet dinosaur MUST BE MINE!

Source: TimeWatch Kickstarter

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