Tiny Epic Galaxies is a bite-sized tabletop game about colonizing the universe, and it’s making the rounds on Kickstarter.

These days, some tabletop games get so enormous and complex that they scare away players who would enjoy them. But then you have microgames like the Tiny Epic series, with deep rules and tactics within packages that could fit in your pocket. Gameleyn Games produced two examples in Tiny Epic Kingdoms and Tiny Epic Defenders, and is now turning from micro-fantasy to micro-galactic conquest with a Tiny Epic Galaxies Kickstarter campaign.

Designed by Scott Almes, Tiny Epic Galaxies is about the race to build a powerful space empire. Each player attempts to grow in strength by gathering resources, building a fleet of spaceships, and colonizing worlds that unlock special abilities. But unlike the massive scope of, say, Twilight Imperium, Tiny Epic Galaxies packs the experience into a pocket-sized game that can be completed within a half-hour. Everything from cards, ships, and custom dice fits into a 7″ x 5″ box that can be carried around for whenever you feel like challenging your friends.

Where Tiny Epic Galaxies really stands out though is its combo mechanic. Every turn, the active player rolls the dice to generate a series of potential actions, which can be activated in any order on the Control Card. The twist is that other players can use their own resources to follow up on the active players combo, giving them the chance to get ahead even when it isn’t their turn.

Add that to resource harvesting, diplomatic, and even economic play options, and Tiny Epic Galaxies could prove to be a rich and exciting game. And backers seem to agree, having exceeded the $15,000 base goal by over 700 percent at the time of writing. The Kickstarter page even includes prototype print-and-play editions, so if you think this game is for you, check it out within the next 29 days.

Source: Kickstarter

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