Titanfall Pilot and Titan Load-Out Details Surface

Titanfall Mech

Titanfall Abilities and kit details revealed, players will be able to customize two load-outs, one for the pilot and another one for the Titan.

Following our report last week that Titanfall alpha invites were being sent out to select Xbox One owners, footage of the alpha has made its way online — and with it, details regarding the shooter. According to leaked videos — which we won’t post directly here — Titanfall players will be able to customize two load-outs, one for the pilot, and one for the Titan. Pilots, who will be your primary character doing the running and gunning, will get a primary weapon, an anti-Titan weapon and a sidearm. In addition to the weapons, pilots will also have a slot for “Tactical Abilities,” an Ordinance slot for grenades and two kit slots.

Tactical Abilities include a timed cloak, while examples of kit slot items include a Power Cell which will recharge your Tactical Ability faster and a Minion Detector that reveals Grunts and Spectres controlled by AI. As for Titans — what the game calls its mechs — it gets only one weapon, but it’s insanely powerful. The rest of the Titan’s load-out options are the same as the pilots and these include a Regen Booster for the mech’s shield, an Auto-Eject mechanic, a way to make your Titan degrade slower called “Survivor,” and Nuclear Ejection, which acts similar to Martyrdom from Call of Duty — but instead of dropping a grenade upon death, the Titan explodes for damage. Lastly, Titans will also have access to Core Abilities, which will be available in-game after a countdown once you’ve hailed a Titan.

If you want to see the game in action, YouTube has a few videos uploaded by people breaking their NDAs for some of that internet fame. In other Titanfall news, the game will be “really tough” to market according to Respawn since it won’t have your traditional single-player campaign.

Titanfall will be out on March 11 for the PC, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

Source: OXM

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