The price of PlayStation Plus is going up tomorrow, so you should probably renew today.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus subscriber, today is your last chance to renew before the price goes up. We reported last month that Sony would be increasing the price of a yearly subscription from $50 to $60.

As a reminder, the three month price is going up as well. The new rates are:

  • $59.99 per year (previously $49.99)
  • $24.99 for three months (previously $17.99)
  • $9.99 monthly (same price)

While a $10 per year price hike isn’t a huge deal, if you’re one of the folks that likes to keep your PS Plus subscription up-to-date, it’s worth renewing now to save a few bucks. The price increase brings the cost of Sony’s online service up to the same cost as Microsoft’s Xbox Live Gold.

If you decide not to renew when your subscription ends, remember that you will not only lose access to online multiplayer, but you’ll also no longer be able to play any games you’ve gotten free through PS Plus to date.

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