If you haven’t played it, and can’t abide spoilers, better not watch this Tomb Raider video.

Daniel Bisson, Crystal Dynamics’ Tomb Raider Game Director, clearly has a flair for the dramatic. It’s been a while since Lara’s latest game launch – which did remarkably well, even if it didn’t quite hit sales projections – and Crystal Dynamics feels comfortable letting a few secrets slip. That said, spoilers ahoy! So bear that in mind before watching Bisson’s top ten Tomb Raider moments.

Sales of Tomb Raider managed to reach new highs – almost as high as that radio tower sequence – when it was announced that one million gamers played it within 48 hours of launch. The title – for those new to the party – is a reboot of the series, picturing Lara at the very beginning of her action-packed career. The top ten moments reflects this, illustrating her personal journey from frightened student to full-fledged hero.

“So, we’re happy with the outcome,” said Crystal Dynamics’ Darrel Gallagher, back when the sales numbers were announced. By the sounds of it, Daniel Bisson’d heartily agree.

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