Tony Hawk: Ride Board Is Not a Peripheral, “More of a Platform”

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Tony Hawk: Ride developer Robomodo is attempting to assuage skepticism about the hefty price of its game’s skateboard peripheral by arguing that it’s not just a peripheral, but a platform in itself with “many games” coming down the line.

Tony Hawk: Ride will be a bigger than average investment for skateboard-loving gamers when it ships later this year, allegedly with a hefty $120 price-tag thanks to its skateboard peripheral. That’s quite a chunk of change – will it really be worth the cash and sacrificing even more of your living room space, which is no doubt already full of fake guitars and drum sets?

“It’s really important to us that when people buy this package that they understand that, right now we’re concentrating on Tony Hawk: Ride, but we want to make sure that people have a good return on their investment so there are many games that are planned for this peripheral,” Joshua Tsui of Ride developer Robomodo told VideoGamer.

Of course, those “many games” are sure to include Tony Hawk: Ride 2 to 14, but Tsui thinks that there’s potential for plenty more, so much potential, in fact, that he’s willing to call the skateboard peripheral more than just that. “We look at it less as a peripheral, as more of a platform,” Tsui explained. “The obvious ones are snowboarding and surfing and such, but there are a lot of games that can be used with this board, and we’re really excited to start working on those.”

What other uses could a fake skateboard with motion sensing have? Well, let’s see, my first idea is a Back to the Future 2 game with a hoverboard racing minigame, but maybe some sort of game where you play as a dinosaur that rides a surfboard, and works for the coast guard, and tries to stop illegal drug shipments that are coming in by sea. The dinosaur will have a laser, and his name will be Surfersaurus. Yes.

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