Ragnarok has come and gone for the Norse action/RPG from Silicon Knights.

If you’ve been following the harrowing story of Silicon Knights, you’ll know that things haven’t been going so well for the Canadian studio. Following a hard-fought lawsuit, a judge ordered Silicon Knights to destroy all unsold copies of its games, including Too Human, a futuristic action/RPG with Norse mythology trappings. Silicon Knights appears to have complied with this order, even in the digital realm. Too Human and every bit of media associated with it have vanished from the Xbox Live Marketplace.

Whether Microsoft, Silicon Knights, or some other entity entirely pulled this content is hard to say, but the downloads are unavailable nonetheless. Previously, users could purchase the full Too Human game, the demo, and a number of themes and avatar pictures. The game’s official Xbox page is still up, meaning that the content could return at some point, but Silicon Knights likely has bigger things to worry about right now. That, and most people who wanted the content probably bought it ages ago.

Those who are interested in playing Too Human can still find copies of the game very easily, although they should be warned that it’s not exactly a critical darling. In the meantime, Hel will prepare to receive her latest shipment of digital goods in the underworld, where there probably isn’t much else to do, anyway.

Source: Eurogamer

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