Total War: Warhammer is Adding Bretonnia as a Playable Faction Later this Month

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If you’ve been waiting to play as Bretonnia in Total War: Warhammer, your wait is almost over.

There’s been plenty of free content added to Total War: Warhammer since its launch in May of last year, and Creative Assembly isn’t done yet. Bretonnia has been in the game since launch, but you couldn’t play as the faction, except in a very limited fashion in Battle Mode. That’s all going to change at the end of this month, as the official Total War Twitter announced yesterday that Bretonnia will be added to the game for free on February 28.

As part of this update, Bretonnia will receive three Legendary Lords for use in the game’s campaign mode. There’s King Louen Leoncouer, who rides into battle on a hippogryph, Alberic of of Bordeleaux, whose duty prevents him from seeking the grail he desperately wants to find, and the Fay Enchantress, who serves as Bretannia’s sorceress-in-chief.

You’ll be able to check all of this content out for yourself three weeks from today, on Feb, 28. You probably won’t be able to beat that pun before then, though. Fay-ly, indeed.

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