The Armageddon Expo is a once a year event, well actually a 4 times a year event, with one event in 4 cities. The Armageddon Expo draws in gamers,cosplayers and many more under one roof for a weekend of madness.

I visited the Armageddon expo on the Saturday of New Zealand’s Labour Weekend (25-27 of October). The Armageddon Expo takes place in 4 cities; the Auckland event is a three-day event in the Aotea centre. Spread over five levels, it is the biggest gaming-related event in New Zealand, with many more goodies thrown into the melting pot of fun. With three smaller New Zealand based events in Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington as well as an Australian event in Melbourne, Armageddon Expo has expanded into gaming, animation and consumer electronics. This Expo is generally regarded as a pop culture expo with events ranging from live wrestling down to game companies such as EA and Sony setting up rather large booths to showcase their latest games. This part of the world only just got Rock Band and the line to test it was huge.

Cosplay is a rather large part of Armageddon and many attendees showed up as a Master Chief clone in candy-red armor or as Tifa Lockheart. Anime is also present with animation companies, fans and third party sellers all showing up to partake in this ‘clique’ of pop culture. Events ranged from “win an anime box set” to a Kamehameha contest.

Collectibles are apparently a big business and every seller and his overly endowed assistant (trust me there were a few) had set up shop on the upper level. Collectibles ranged from Pokémon booster packs for $5, up to $1500 first edition comics. The major film special effects company Weta Workshop on the lower floor along with a gothic display. The upper level was dominated by comics and models. If I had more money I would surely have had to buy a wheel-barrow to carry it all home.

Armageddon could accurately be described as a geek fest. There was everything from medieval role-playing down to Pokémon card battles. If you are in either of the following areas during the next show you owe it to yourself to check it out. At least go for the games and stay for the blonde chicks in silver jumpsuits.

Here’s where you can catch Armageddon next spring:

  • Dunedin- Anime Day! March 21st 2009
  • Christchurch- March 28th/29th 2009
  • Wellington- April 4th/5th 2009

Click here for the New Zealand Events, or here to watch video from the Auckland Expo.

Cameron Walter has only just realized that these events are next year. He has been punished with a Rock Band controller.

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