Maybe Samuel L. Jackson should just stay away from planes for awhile…

The “New Globalism” of the movie business has meant, among other things, that international filmmakers are getting to take unprecedented chances at putting their stamp on stories, styles and genres that used to “belong” solely to America and Hollywood. Evidently, that list now even includes preposterous action movies about rescuing the President of The United States from terrorists.

A UK/Finnish co-production that screened at last year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Big Game follows a rural Finnish teenager who, while undertaking his first solo hunting trip, discovers the President of The United States (Samuel Jackson) having crashed in the mountains following a terrorist attack on Air Force One. Together, they must survive the wilderness and escape from terrorists who are still aiming to bring the POTUS down.

The film, which has not yet secured an official U.S. release date, is the anticipated return to the world stage of Finnish director Jalmari Helander, who previously helmed the twisted killer Santa Claus monster flick Rare Exports.

Source: Big Game


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