Trailer: Sega Confuses Yakuza With Resident Evil


Sega’s latest Yakuza title in action looks more like Resident Evil or Dead Rising, with plenty of zombies included.

What if Grand Theft Auto had zombies in it? That’s what Sega is answering with its upcoming PlayStation 3 spin-off of open-world organized crime series Yakuza. In Yakuza: Of the End, players won’t just be in conflict with rival gangs, as zombies have overtaken the city and are seriously screwing with the Yakuza’s bottom line. Please enjoy the game’s latest 8 minute trailer.

Everything about Yakuza: Of the End screams that it’s a cash-in on the popularity of zombies, but is that really such a bad thing? It certainly doesn’t mean Of the End will be a terrible game, though its basic theme is completely changing. It’s a spin-off, so lets see where Sega goes with this, eh?

The game’s four playable characters will unload all sorts of weaponry, including a paper fan, on the zombie hordes, even attacking them with a tank like in Dead Rising. There are huge, deformed zombie bosses similar to what you’d find in Resident Evil, and one of the characters has a chaingun affixed to his arm and reminds me of Wesker, though he wears a white coat.

Yakuza: Of the End might be emulating aspects of other popular zombie games, but thankfully we’ll still be able to play slots like in the franchise’s previous entries while we wait for the sweet release of death from a zombie bite. Mini-games shown in the trailer include slot machines, batting cages that undress women (do those really exist in Japan?), ping-pong, fishing, golf, darts, and more. I guess everybody is pretty sick of zombies by now, but how can you not be excited for Yakuza: Of the End after seeing this trailer?

Really now, who doesn’t want to kill 150 zombies with an arm-mounted chaingun and then beat a Geisha in table tennis? Unfortunately, at this time Yakuza: Of the End is only planned for release in Japan in 2011. Though North America hasn’t seen anything outside of the core Yakuza series, with Yakuza 4 coming in March of next year, I have a strong feeling that Sega will choose to grace us with Of the End someday too. At least, I really hope so.

Source: 1up

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