Trailer: Stoners Battle Aliens Over Weed-Stash in Star Leaf


“Some highs are out of this world”

This is the final weekend for this 2014’s American Film Market, the yearly event where film professionals gather to make deals big small long viewed as one of the best opportunities for “offbeat” indie film projects to secure financing and distribution. Case in point: Today Leomark Studios picked up distribution rights to Star Leaf, an action/horror/sci-fi/drug/thriller hybrid that typifies what the AFM often exists for.

In the film (which does not appear to be an outright comedy, despite the premise,) a group young marijuana afficionados follow a treasure-map to a legendary wild “Garden of Weed-en.” Their trip, already complicated by a dangerously-unhinged forest ranger and a friend’s Afghan War PTSD flashbacks (which they’d believed the fabled “Star Leaf” could cure), turns deadly when they discover that the special plants are extraterrestrial in origin – and their alien creators may be present… and angry.

The film (which, again, is apparently not just a joke) stars Russell Hodgkinson and Kiki Keung and was directed by Richard Cranor, who previously helmed the Asian-American rap-star satire The Life & Times of MC Beer Bong in 2004.

Source: Deadline Hollywood


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