Telltale’s first Back to the Future trailer demonstrates a faithfulness to the classic film trilogy.

Telltale Games still hasn’t given much information on where, or when, players will be traveling in its upcoming Back to the Future adventure game series, but this new trailer gives a few hints. It seems that Doc’s gotten himself into a jam once again, and Marty is the only one that can get him out.

If the trailer is anything to go by, Telltale’s five-episode series will be very faithful to the movies. It starts off just as it should, with the characteristic Back to the Future piano/bell sounds. Marty is shown in Doc’s house, circa 1986, fresh-faced as ever and wearing his trademark bubble-vest.

Doc has been missing for months, and Marty is trying to stop some bank executive twerp from selling Doc’s stuff, which includes one of those huge speakers from when giant things were cool in the 1980s. Just when Marty is starting to fall into a pit of despair, the DeLorean time machine shows up and the game gets underway.

Doc has apparently been thrown in jail, one of those old-style jails with bars on the windows that look like you could just squeeze through. There isn’t any indication of what Doc did, though I hope he learned his lesson and didn’t try to steal plutonium again. Marty is shown driving the time machine back to June 13, 1931, a time period not yet visited in the Back the the Future movie trilogy.

The first episode is called It’s About Time and will be released in December, with the trailer also revealing the full release schedule for the rest of the episodes. February 2011 will see the release of Get Tannen, March Citizen Brown, April Double Visions, and the finale is given no date, but has the title of the DeLorean’s license plate: Outatime. We can sort of guess the basic plotlines behind some of these episodes, such as Marty or Doc likely encountering past/future versions of themselves in Double Visions. As a Back to the Future fan, it’ll be interesting to see how the movies translate into an all out adventure series, just as long as someone goes flying into a pile manure. That never gets old.

Source: GameTrailers

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