It seems the new Xbox Live high-def remake of Guardian Heroes is just a warm-up for Guardian Heroes 2.

Backstory: Guardian Heroes was a brilliant, expansive 2D beat ’em up/RPG released for the Sega Saturn in 1996. Since it was on the doomed Saturn console, very few people actually got a chance to play it, but it developed a devoted cult following, and it was recently revealed that an HD remake would be hitting the Xbox Live Arcade on October 12.

That’s all great news for those gamers (like myself) who adore anything created by Treasure, but apparently this HD remake is more than a simple Xbox Arcade gem. Eurogamer reports:

Treasure is planning a sequel to its classic scrolling action game Guardian Heroes, with the fate of a second full-blown game in the series dependent on the success of the forthcoming remake of the Saturn original.

“Originally, the project started as Guardian Heroes 2,” Treasure’s Hiroto Matsuura told Eurogamer, “The team that had been working on Sin & Punishment [last year’s Wii sequel], after that project they wanted to start a new game.”

“The project started as Guardian Heroes 2, but the publisher – that’s SEGA – said in order to create a sequel, they wanted us to revitalize the IP. So instead of starting on the sequel we made a remake.”

The sequel, Matsuura maintains, would be very similar to the original. “The original core game mechanics is a 2D, layer-based game, and that’s what we like about it. We may create characters and backgrounds in 3D, but the core mechanics will be the same,” he said.

Though Matsuura seems a bit too polite to say it directly, it would appear that the existence of Guardian Heroes 2 is directly dependent on the sales of the XBLA Guardian Heroes remake.

So there you go. You all have to buy six copies of the game. If you don’t, I won’t get my long-waited Guardian Heroes sequel, and you’ll all die alone and unloved.

What? I don’t make the rules, that’s just how things work.

Source: Eurogamer

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