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Trepang2 Launches in June for Brutal First-Person Gun-Fu Action

Trepang2 release date June 21, 2023 PC Trepang Studios Team17 gun-fu FPS first-person shooter action game

Publisher Team17 and developer Trepang Studios have announced a June 21, 2023 release date on PC for first-person shooter Trepang2, which despite the “2” is not a sequel to anything. This game has been in the works for a few years and has been garnering attention for its awesome and explosive visual effects, as well as its “gun-fu gunplay” that “puts players in the shoes of a newly enhanced super soldier on a mission of death, destruction, and revenge.” In other words, this is a very serious narrative and should rightfully be compared with the works of Steinbeck.

Trepang2 features a story campaign about learning the truth of a dangerous supernatural conspiracy, but there is also a Horde mode where you can just test your mettle killing as many spec-ops jerks as you can. Combat features punching, kicking, sliding, and combos that you can create out of them, but all of this is enhanced by special powers you have like time distortion, invisibility, and superhuman speed and strength. And of course, there’s plenty of shooting too. It really sounds like the developers tried to add every possible way that it might be fun to kill a dude in first-person.

Trepang2 has its June release date set, and if you want to learn more about the game and its aspirations, check out our interview with the Trepang developers from earlier in its development.

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