Triangle Game Conference Releases Full Schedule of Events

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The Triangle Game Conference, the East Coast’s forum for networking, career building and sharing of the region’s gaming industry expertise, has just released its full schedule of sessions, available here.

Are you an East Coast game developer looking to hone your craft? A tech industry professional searching for an avenue into the game business? A consumer interested in learning more about your favorite games and how they’re made? A devoted fan of The Escapist?

If you’re at least one of those things – and you probably are – clear your schedule from April 29 through 30, pack your bags and take the kids to Grandma’s, because the Triangle Game Conference is coming to Raleigh, N.C.

As the official game media partners for the Triangle Game Conference, The Escapist will be covering the show from the inside – literally. Escapist Publisher Alexander Macris will be directing the conference and delivering a presentation on the legal issues that young gaming companies often face, while Editor-in-Chief Julianne Greer and Director of Video Production Russ Pitts will be delivering presentations on the effects of reviews on game developers and the rise of internet video, respectively.

Meanwhile, The Escapist‘s distinguished editorial team, including Tom “tendo82” Endo, John “CantFaketheFunk” Funk, Jordan Deam and the inimitable Susan Arendt, High Priestess of the Church of Poniosity, will be scuttling around the show floor, reporting on panels and presentations from some of the best developers in the industry, including keynotes from Epic Games President Michael Capps and Atomic Games President Peter Tamte, an interview with ECA President Hal Halpin and a look at the upcoming time-warping RTS Achron.

We hope to see you there!

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