Tribes: Ascend Gameplay Trailer Brings the Sexy Heat


If I had to describe the new gameplay trailer for the upcoming free-to-play online shooter Tribes: Ascend in a word, that word would be hot!

Hi-Rez Studios announced the rebirth of the famed Tribes franchise back in March with a quickie video that was a little on the cheesy side but still awesome simply for the news it brought. What it didn’t bring, however, was a look at the actual game. After all these years, would it really be Tribes?

The truth is that there’s no way to tell from a minute-long video on YouTube, but you can tell this: it looks good. Hot. Sex-ay! And as much as you can judge these things based on 57 seconds of fast-cut video, yeah, it looks like Tribes, too.

Oh, and the free-to-play thing? Yes, Hi-Rez is going the F2P route with Tribes: Ascend, using a model similar to that of the popular League of Legends. Players will be able to buy specific “loadouts,” weapon and armor sets designed to facilitate specialization in roles like defense, stealth or balls-out brawling, which will be released on a regular basis in order to keep people playing [and paying]. Cosmetic items like special skins will also be available for purchase, and there is expected to be a leveling system that will allow players to get better and badder through gameplay and the accumulation of experience.

Tribes: Ascend is currently slated for digital release later this year, for the PC and Xbox 360.

Source: IGN

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