Tron Guy Banned From Seeing Tron: Legacy in Costume


Despite being an internet celebrity, Tron Guy isn’t welcome in his local movie theater if he wants to wear his costume.

Jay Maynard, known to many across the Web as “The Tron Guy”, achieved fame (and a lot of nerdy goodwill) on the internet when he documented the creation of his rather elaborate light-up Tron costume. Folks embraced this Tron fan, both for his dedication to what has become a cult movie as well as his costume-crafting abilities. However, it turns out that movie theater management isn’t a part of Mr. Maynard’s fanbase, as he’s been told that he’ll be banned from seeing Tron: Legacy in his famous costume.

Maynard, who has already seen the movie, recently went to a local movie theater in Minesota and asked if it would be OK to see the film while wearing his Tron costume (a luminescent catsuit that leaves nothing about his figure to the imagination). According to Time, “[theater management] refused to let him watch TRON: Legacy while wearing his light-up suit. Maynard says he believes the staff thought it would be too ‘distracting.'”

When I saw Tron: Legacy at its midnight premiere in Flagstaff, there was a guy in the theater with a light-up costume that received a lot of approval from the audience. When the movie started, he turned off the lights on his outfit and that was that. That said, this was a fairly svelte college student wearing a pretty basic outfit that wasn’t nearly as form-fitting as Maynard’s.

One would think that the management might want to capitalize on Maynard’s fame and get a little free publicity to draw some more people into the theater, especially during such a tepid Holiday movie season.

Source: Time via Geek

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