Tropico 5 Trailer Shows Off Multiplayer


Tropico 5‘s biggest new feature is multiplayer, and now we’ve finally gotten a glimpse at it.

For such an interesting new feature to the Tropico franchise, we’ve seen precious little of Tropico 5‘s upcoming multiplayer modes. Just shy of three weeks out from it’s May 23 launch date, Kalypso has finally given us a glimpse at how we’ll be able to build (or destroy) our own island nations with our friends.

Players will be able to chose between co-op or versus games, both between random internet strangers and their friends. Players will also be able to chose the “era” of the game, so if they want to jump right into the industrial era and throw tanks at each other, then so be it.

In the co-op mode, players will be able to share resources, send money, and work together to build the island’s infrastructure. Kind of similar to how SimCity (2013)‘s multiplayer was supposed to work, but in more real-time and on a local (rather than regional) level.

In versus, the game takes on an almost turn-based strategy feel, as players can build up an army and then use it to attack other cities on the island. It’s not known exactly how much control players will have over the attacks, or what they’ll be able to do to defend against them, but it certainly had a very Civilizations feel to it.

Multiplayer is probably the feature i’m most excited for in Tropico 5, as the game has become somewhat of a cult hit among my friends, and we can’t wait to try and blow each other up in-game.

Source: Kalypso Media

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