Try to Spot All the Game References In This Music Video

There are so many videogame references crammed into this Goldfish video that you may need help identifying them all.

At the beginning of this music videos for “We Come Together” by South African dance/jazz group Goldfish Live, you may think that it will be fairly straightforward. “Oh,” you say to yourself, “That female goldfish is dressed like Princess Peach and needs to be rescued. Heh, nice Mario reference.”

But no. That’s only the beginning. The rest of the music video involves the Goldfish fighting the evil Jazz Police cats on an epic quest for revenge and to save their lady friend, and it is jam-packed with more videogame references and in-jokes than you can shake a saxophone at.

At some point, I honestly stopped trying to count them all – there are so many, and occasionally multiple different ones within the same scene (like the Prince from Katamari Damacy riding the DJ Hero turntable). I’ve watched it four times by now, and I still haven’t seen them all.

This is one excellent piece of work that’s a great love letter to videogames. And hey, the song’s catchy, too.

How many can you spot?

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